I know i know, i didn’t update my diary for quite a while now. All those of you that were already in the army will understand that i was just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping during the weekends…

Well, below you can find what I experienced the last weeks.There are two main things that burned themselves into my mind, one positive and one negative (there is always 2 sides to a yoghurt)y

Positive: CAMERADRIE! I never imagined that people would stick together so quickly and stand in for each other. We even took on the Sargeants cos they weren’t too happy about our section shout. Everyone that saw the movie Jarhead will remember „Uh-HA“. They tried to get us to give it up by doing Push-ups. The reason for that was that all the other sections and the Officers were making fun of us because of that. We’re now known as the „monkey-section“ or „the brown ones“. Well who cares? Obviously the sergeants do. After about 40 Push-ups where we just shouted „Uh-HA, Uh-HA, Uh-HA“ they got pissed off and ran to the captain asking him to order us to stop it.

The next day our Lieutenant ordered us in to one of the Theory rooms to discuss something with us. Of course we all knew what it was. Apparently the Captain said to him that either he would get this issue solved by himself, or the captain will order us to stop. That day we found out that our Lieutenant and the captain weren’t good friends… We changed it alright, to something that pissed the captain off even more! You should have seen his face going from red to purple to almost blue!:-Dy

Apart from that the days were pretty much the same like the first week. Long and exhausting.

One guy in our section is trying to get out of here. He says that he can’t take the stress and the military order. I understand him somehow. I myself have enough problems to get along with this club here. Ah well, I hope we can support him so that he will survive these 21 weeks. Hopefully the captain won’t bully him too much.

Now lets get to the negative part: EARLY MORNING SPORT

I would love to get the balls of the guy that invented this. Such a bullshit! what is the point of running around in the dark until you throw up or faint? Right, this is on a need to know basis. Obviously i don’t neet to know…

Plans for next week: Driver instruction. YAY