Now, my first week in RS is over. I’m dead! it felt like i was already 5 weeks there.

Here a short resume of what i can remember…
Monday, 20.03.06 14.00

Entry of the Army-Area. I got directed to one of the halls where I was sent to a group of about 25 people. I received a few forms and some writing material, a drawing stencil and a eraser. Guys, please be careful not to lose any of this stuff! I then had about 5-10 mins to complete the form and hand it to some guy in uniform. After that we trained the Salute and rowing up in 4 columns the 1st time. Now the master Sergeant had a short speech to welcome us in the Army and explained that the group-leaders will now lead us to the barracks where we can set up our rooms.

The dormitory is, well, a dormitory! 10 Guys in 1 room. We got the beds ready and stowed some of our stuff in the cabinets above. Damn that bed looks hard. Oh well, i’ll survive somehow… By now it’s suppertime. Our lieutenant informs us that we have to have eaten and be in front of the barracks by 18.00.

The cantina is not too bad, considering that they have to cook for over 250 people. After supper we get out on the Square before the Barracks and train saluting and announcing yourself. after that we have to get into the waiting space of our platoon. Now its time for the roll-call. The Master Sargeant lets us run around the barracks 🙁 After that he hands us to the Captain. What does he do? lets us do 20 push-ups :-S My arms already hurt…

After that we have to fill out some forms in one of the training rooms and write an essay on ourselves. Also here, please make sure to fill out everything and write neatly. For those who know me, know what i mean. If you forget just one single cross, you’ll have to go back again. Heaven forbid if the colonel can’t read your essay.

After that we got to go to take a shower and go to bed. WRONG! First there is the evening roll-call. Everyone stands in front of his bed and the room chef (first bed on the left when you enter the room) stands before the room. After that he runs down to the first floor and reports the count of people in the room and if one is missing, where he is. After that he takes the orders for the next morning. Who is in the service group (helping the kitchen team), when you are woken up, what tenue you have to wear and so on.

Unfortunately i don’t have time to explain every day in detail, simply because i can’t remember. I’ll try to note down the Orders of the day from next week on. Below you find a list of what you have to consider in your first week.

– Be on time – Don’t lose anything they give you (there is a lot of small clutter that gets lost easily) – If you lose something, then inform your Lieutenant immediately – Be attendive all the time – Try to learn quickly 😉 – Try not to screw up when you receive your rifle (not like me) – Always salute if someone with a rank higher than you passes – Don’t fuck with them, then they won’t fuck you – If you don’t want to be room chef, then don’t take the first bed on the right – If you want to make a military career, then get going the first day, try to impress the lieutenant, the master sargeant and the Captain. – Always be 5 mins early, then you’re on time.

Here you can find some general information on my training in the next 20 weeks

Now, with a damaged hip, knees and a lot of muscle-ache, i’m back home now. sorry to kill it off so abpruptly, but I have to sleep a bit.