Yep, that’s right. We’re currently on a week-long holiday in Bali. We wanted to escape the city and get some sun and beach. After getting some quotations from travel-agents, we decided to book directly via the Internet using for finding a hotel. You can get a good hotel at very reasonable prices.

First thing i’ve learned was, that the Hotel categories differ from what i’ve seen in europe. Here, you also get 5*****-Hotels which cost about  the same like in Europe, but you won’t just get a hotel, but a little village within the village. There are shops, hairdressers, clubs, etc. available. If you’re someone that doesn’t need the „Hilton-Experience“ (like me), then a 3***-Hotel should be just right for you. We are now in the „Green Garden Hotel“ and I am pleasantly surprised. The hotel as well as the rooms hold the promises the website and the flyer made. I’ll Post some pictures when I’m back at home.

At first, we were a bit surprised about the beach. It wasn’t the white beach that you could find in Phuket for example, but its a fine. It reminds me more of the Italian beaches on the Adria-side of the boot. Another thing that you get very often are flying merchants. They sell everything from Sarongs, necklaces, Jewelry, Fruit and many more. Some of the merchants will get annoying, by just sitting next to or in front of you, trying to make you pity them. Women that sell manicures will try to give you one nail for free. This is just a bait, don’t take it. Don’t even think of asking the price. Just stay firm and kindly decline for the first few days you’re here. If you’re new to that kind of business-making, try to go to one of the numerous markets. There you can try your luck at bargaining. The merchants here are experts in talking you in to anything, but they have one dis-advantage compared to the merchants on the beach. They have a small shop which they need to look after. So theoretically, they can’t follow you through the whole market.

I’ll give you the full story once I’m back in Singapore…

Written on Thursday, 30th October