I know I didnt update the Site for quite a while now, so i’ll give you a short resume of what happened so far.Week 5 and 6

It was the last weeks of basic training, combat tacticts and such bullshit. The Highlight was the AFUCO-Test. There you are tested if you know the stuff about First aid and the NBC-protection. The crap that everyone learns.

Week 7

This week was mainly set on the big inspection by the school commander. A lot of turmoil in the Company, and a lot of repetitions. The fun thing was that we got to shoot at the 300m range and get the shooting badge. this means that you got at least 72 points of a possible 85.

Of course the best was that our Section was best of the whole school and went home on friday afternoon!

Week 8 and 9

Driver training on the Bucher DURO. This is a small truck with a maximum load of 2.2 tons or 18+2 passengers. As the trucks gross weight exceeds 3.5 tons, we had to make the small truck license (C1 and D1). This comes quite handy because obtaining this license in civil would cost about 4’000 swiss Francs.

Week 10 and 11

Technical Training and Exercises all day long. The technical Training was quite good. now we’re not doing the stupid combat stuff any more, but the interesting things. YAY! On friday of week 11 was the visiting day, over 1000 people came to see what we learned so far…

Week 12

This week we had loads of technical Training and a big execise named INFERNO. well, it was a Inferno in the end, but the Targets were met, so no problem.