As some of you probably know, I’m working for a large IT-Company that provides complete Support-Packages for companies. And today we started a new project.
I just found out today that the Sales-guys knew about this for 8 months. Well, no one thought of telling the people that were supposed to do the actual work, US!

The preparation was near to nothing. And what worries me even more is, that our team consists of two kind of people. One one hand you’ve got the people that know what they do and want to get this thing to work. On the other you have people that either are incompetent, or just plain morons.

So, today was the first day. no one knew exactly what was coming towards us. We only knew that it was big. I want to thank someone in the team who really worked her fingers to the bone to get everything to start as smooth as possible. But as you probably know, its not easy if you’re just one person in a big project. But against all odds, the first day was a success. It wasn’t as big as i expected. But lets see what the next week will bring.

Anyhow, i will keep you posted on the happenings…..