This week we went to see the Musical „Ewigi Liebi“ in the Maag Music Hall. The musical incorporates music of many swiss artists including Patent Ochsner, Plüsch or Florian Ast. I think it is a good musical and it gave us a good evenings entertainment.

It was the first time that I was in the Maag Music Hall. To me it looked like it once was a factory or something. Thats the kind of Building-Recycling that I like.

We arrived there roughly one hour early, so we thought we could geat something in the restaurant there. Well, restaurant maybe is the wrong name. They sell pre-made salads and 2 warm menus. In our case it was „Chäs-Spätzli“ and „Ghackets mit Hörnli. and it was quite expensive. Oh well, at least something to eat.

After a cigarette it was time for the musical to start. The first 10 or so minutes, the acting looked very artificial and scripted. It wasn’t fluid at all. I already got the gut-feeling that this is going to be a very boring evening, taking into account that the seats weren’t very comfortable either. Luckily, the plot unraveled to a interesting story and the acting quickly improved. The musical offers a lot of humor but also some heartache.

Most surprising was, that I knew almost all of the songs by heart….

I could now recapitulate the whole story here, but this would sort of giving away the fun of seeing the Musical, wouldn’t it?

All I can say is that it was worth it and…… EEEvi bring bierli 🙂