What would life be without the little inventions, which eventually impacted our lives in a major way?

Imagine, you are a scientist in a leading chemistry company and are working on a new type of adhesive. It should be super-strong and should stick in seconds. You come up with a sample adhesive that develops its adhesing function when pressure is applied. unfortunately the adhesion is not very strong. You can simply pull the glued items apart again. The sample is marked as a failure.

Now imagine you are a pastor in a church. almost every mass, your bookmarks fall out of your bible or hymnal. Not a pretty situation when you stand in front of the people expecting you to say someting….

The pastor and the scientist met, and from now on the pastor had re-usable sticky bookmarks. And the scientist finally found a purpose for his „failed“ adhesive.

Today, the bookmarks are omni-present in our daily lives, and nowadays are called Post-it.

Sometimes people have an ingenious idea, like Nojae Park from Yanko Design with the Yoghurt-Spoon. I Wonder when I’ll see that attatched to my yoghurt 🙂

(found on SwissMiss‘ Blog)