I must join the german left-wing party „Die Linke“ ! OK, there are some obstacles to overcome. First of all, I’m not a german citizen, nor do I live in germany. I can’t identify myself with the parties goals either…

Some party-members launched the request that the communication between party-members is to be improved. This can be achieved using forums on the internet. To ensure that every member of the party can access these forums, the party should equip them with a „Student Laptop“, the Eee-PC from ASUS for example.

Based on a need of 100’000 units, the requestors are sure, the party could push the unit price even below €300. Sounds like a good price.

Another Advantage would be, that party-elections could be carried out directly by the base of the party, like a direct democracy known in switzerland and Estland. Sounds great.

Buying 100’000 Units would roughly cost €30m. Unfortunately the requestors don’t suggest a way on how to bring up that money, but if the party did, it would „save local jobs“. Aaah, the good old left-wing social thinking.

This post is to be understood in a satirical way and does not reflect my political position in any way. I find it forward-thinking to use new technologies and very noble to save local jobs. Only gotcha is, that its a bit far from reality that a young party can bring up €30m just like that.

(found on Heise Newsticker)