Thanks, 3dSupply. Although they stated that the feedme-campaign wasn’t targeted at Switzerland and Austria, they still sent out the T-Shirts to the swiss and austrian bloggers. This week mine arrived.

There have been numerous discussions if  this is objectionable to push one’s PageRank up by such means. There was no requrement from 3dSupply on what you write. It just had to contain a Link to their website. Probably one could have written a factual and well-researched negative post about them, and would still have gotten a T-Shirt (would have been nothing than decent).

Another effect of this campain was a mere pingback-storm. Some bloggers thought it cool to list all blogs which participated in this campaign, 504 in total. As I don’t have the reader-base like the big blogs, I was a bit surprised by so many pingbacks in my Moderation queue. Hey, maybe this even improves my PageRank a bit as well. 🙂

I’ll refrain from listing all the participating blogs for above reasons. You can get a complete list at the campaign website.