Finally, after 21 weeks, I can return to normal life. Army is over.

I know that I didn’t update my diary for quite some time now, so here a short resume of the last 8 weeks.

Most of the time we were on exercises training our skills and getting the routine in mounting a Network under realistic conditions. The ususal week looked like this:Monday: Preparations and System checks for the exercise. this includes mounting a mini-network so we could verify that all the system components were working as they should.

Tuesday: Start to the exercise. First we all get together and charge the Secret material into the vehicles. Then we leave section by section to our first emplacement. Usually this is a Farm or something similar. There we first hide and camouflage our vehicles, then set up our emplacement. Marking the sleeping and eating area, drawing a plan of the emplacement, setting up a security-dispo and mounting some lighting.

After that we usually have some Training which is relevant to the Exercise.

Wednesday: Disassembly of the first emplacement and move to the 2nd emplacement. Now the technical part starts. Usually this is also in a farm or a school or something.

After we arrive at the emplacement we start to set up our technical equipment. This usually takes up half of the day. The other half is occupied by setting up the peripherals like sleeping and eating area, smokers space and so on…

After that we get inspected by the higher graded on how the emplacement and the technical equipment is set up, and of course if everything works

Thursday: Dismantle the whole emplacement and head back to a meeting place with the whole company to check the whole material. Just to make sure that you didn’t lose anything. After that we head back to the barracks and SHOWER. For the first time in 3 days…

Friday: usually some shit-basic training with the rifle, Protection mask or First aid. just something to fill the day…

This is how a ususal week looked like. There were some different weeks like the last one which was WEMA, but this i already explained from Kloten. Therefore i will not resume it again.

Now a very interesting Time has ended and i will go back to work on monday. Many People i’ve met and a lot of things I learned about myself. Although I swore a lot about the Army, i must say that the good things outweighted the bad. I would never want to repeat this, but it was a good time.