Everyone who visited us knows that our kitchen is very functional and more or less spaceous. Downside is, that it only has very little work surfaces. So there’s no space for a Microwave oven or a coffee-machine. There is a space, under the Window, which isn’t big enough to fit a Table and chairs in, but is too big to just use it for the cats food-bowls.

We were discussing back and forth what we should do with that space. One suggestion was to screw a bar-like board to the wall so we could have breakfast looking outside. Too bad that there is a corridor just outside the window. I’m not fond of the idea that my neighbors look at me munching my cereals…

„Wouldn’t your Type-writer table fit there?“ she said. BINGO! OK, the color doesn’t quite match (Black vs. silvery Grey), but we’ll happily live with that. This week I bought a power-bar and some cable-tubes (those soft-plastic thingies you stick on the wall to hold the cable) and mounted the bar just above the new Kitchen-Space-Addon. Finally the kettle and my iPod-soundstation is out of the way when cooking.

Microwave: you can come 🙂