Last Friday my Girlfriend offered me a Vodka Red-Bull. Just for celebrating the end of the (Work-)Week. I found that a good idea.

Two Vodka Red-Bull later, i just started to feel it, my Girlfriend started to clear out the cupboard and cleaning it up. Later that evening, I was already going to bed, my girlfriend was still working on the contents of the cupboard.

Note to self: Never give my Girlfriend Red Bull

The next morning we decided that my office needed a remake. After all, there is a Stone-Old PC-Table and a Typewriter-desk which don’t offer that much storage space. Equally stuff piled up on top of them. That needs to change. Next Stop: The Blue-Yellow Furniture house.

About two hours and a Panzerotto later, I was proud owner of two EFFEKTIV-Shelves. The rest of the saturday we’ve spent cleaning out my office. It’s astonishing what piles up over two years of never clearing out. I’ve thrown away about 3 boxes of old stuff. Who would need to save a 400Mhz PII Computer? Lets get rid of it, together with a mechanical Paralell-port switch and a stone-old KVM-Switch.

Assembling the shelves took me about 3 hours. Cramming all my stuff in there took me a lot longer.

This gave us the final kick to give our flat a general makeover. Kitchen, Living room, bedroom. So here’s the plan: We need a table in the Kitchen to get more space. The living-room is quite crammed since we got our new TV. The HiFi-Receiver is in the way since then.

I’ll try to summarize what happens in our flat to make it even cozier…