Today I had the new edition of „Armee aktuell“, a magazine for the members of the Infantry Brigade 5. Unlike magazines of some other formations of the swiss army, this one is not so strict army-style. You get reports about the last WK of all battallions in the brigade and whats coming up in the next year(s). As I was on a „real“ engagement this year, it was very interesting to read what the other companies did. Who knows, maybe we’ll get mentioned in the second edition?

The best thing though I found on the last page. Finally, all the dates of WK, KVK and so on are made available on the internet using google calendar. On top of that you can download a .ics file per battallion to import the the dates into outlook. They even use tinyurl! 🙂

Here is the calendar for the InfBr5! YAY