Yep, you’re right. After i got the Swiss passport, I have to join the Army. I know, I didn’t write anything about the recruitment, i’ll give you a quick resume of what happened.

– October 2004: I finally get the Swiss citizenship and can apply for a Passport

– June 2005 : I get my first marching orders for a info-day. There we get some infos about our options in the Army and civil service

– October 2005: 2nd marching orders. This time its for recruitment itself. 3 days of medical-, psychological-, and sports examination. I am above average for the psychological part, but the sports part is „insufficient“. Outcome: Able to do military service. I am recruited as a „Richtstrahlpionier“.

Now, on the last weekend before i go to the Army, I am quite excited about it, not happy, but excited. I’ll try to write a diary of my time in the Army and post it here on a regular basis. But u know me… 🙂