End of February we ordered a Broadband Cable connection for our Backup-Office (on the other end of the country). Last week, the Cable-Modem finally arrived (Remark: 3.5 months later). Our guy there connected the Modem and … drumroll please … it didn’t work.

Today I called the help-line, hoping that they could tell me if they „see“ the modem on the network. I had the order confirmation in front of me hoping that all the information they could want from me is on there.

After idling in the waiting loop for 10 Minutes, listening to the IVR’s voice telling me that I must check the newest offers on their Web-page, I finally got a human being on the line. She actually sounded quite cute. Knowing that I’m that kind of customer that doesn’t have any info (I used to work at a Helpdesk too), we tried to find the customer-number on the order confirmation. According to the Call-Agent, it should be a 6-digit number. Yes ma’am, I’ve got loads of numbers on that paper, but not one that is 6 digits long. After looking up some names, she found the order and gave me the customer number, which is as follows 1234567 O…K, that 7-digit one was right on top of the form. Never mind.

After explaining our situation (All LED’s green, but no IP) and that I’m nowhere near the Modem, she checked our line. She actually saw the modem on the net, but something was „funny“. I should go and re-boot the modem. Again, I explained her that this would mean a 3-hour drive and if she minded to wait on the line. 🙂

After some audible mouseclicks and keyboard-clatter, she told me that the account wasn’t fully activated. It would be done „in due time“ (Days from now). Good thing for a call-agent, she didn’t let me talk her into giving ne a more specific timeframe. Bad thing for me.

Now lets wait what happens. I’ll be in that office next week….