Its now almost a week since i’m back from the Open Air Gampel. I think, my recovery phase is now slowly over.

This year, as always, the program was packed with 1st choice acts. If I only had seen 2 of them, it would have been worth the money already. My personal headliners of this year were Die Fantastischen Vier, Fettes Brot, Stereo MC’s and of course Nightwish.

Apart from the Concerts, the framing program was as always… HUGE!. You had one bar after the other, and every one of them was crammed. The food was again very good and helped me avoid some headaches.

Lodging-wise I think we opened a new era. An era where you don’t have to change your clothes sitting. An era where you don’t breathe in the others neck or wake up looking in your (male) colleague’s face. This year, we had two tents capable of accommodating 6 people each and one pavillion. I have to say that we had just about enough space for the five of us. 🙂

Also, coming home on Monday had a lot of advantages. Not only that we didnt have to rush home after the last concert (Mando Diao by the way), we managed to get ourselves absolutely wrecked by 9.30pm. After another good nights sleep we slowly packed up and drove our car almost next to our tent. No more carrying around the bags, no more Shuttle-buses, just easy going. Also on the way home, we didn’t have a single traffic jam.

Like I already mentioned, partying on full throttle for 4 days won’t just go past you without leaving traces. I still feel that there is a lot in my body that isn’t exactly good for me and that should get out. Flashbacks when waking up in the middle of the night are just as common as being drunk after the first beer.

All in all I can say, it was a top-notch weekend, and you guys that came with me were great. Seeya next year.