Yesterday, as I did a small „Tour de Suisse“ for my job, I stopped at a roadhouse for a break. While washing my hands after using the restroom I was looking for the hand-dryer (since there was no paper-dispenser). Well, i couldn’t see any. I was already thinking „Damn it, I’ll have to walk out with wet hands“ 🙁 Then i noticed a peculiar device, somewhat looking like a newspaper- or magazine-holder.

After a second look I saw a pictogram showing to stick my hands in the device and then slowly pull them out again. As I stuck my hands in the device, a quite noisy motor came to life and blew a quite hard and warm air-flow at my hands. It felt somewhat like a „blade“. I was pleasantly surprised, because after 10 seconds, my hands really were dry, even under my ring.

Well, I just had my first time using a Dyson AirBlade. I’m so proud! 🙂

I never saw something similar. And its the first hand blow-dryer which works, and this fast. So thats a thumbs up from me