As Belakar has reached Lvl 70 some time ago, I’ve looked for an alternative occupation for him apart from levelling. The thing is, that Jewelcrafting brings almost no money and finding a Group for instances is quite difficult at times. Oh, and PvP is not my cup of tea.

This left me with only one option. Play another char.

I was always fascinated by the burst-damage capabilities of mages and charmed by the cute gnomes. So now my new char is a Gnome-Mage named Syranjia.

Playing a Mage is somewhat different from the Warlock I am used to at the moment. Below you find a list of pro’s and con’s i’ve seen so far.

  • Pros
    • Far more burst Damage
    • Can create my own food and drink
  • Cons
    • Totally dependant on Mana (no DoT’s which save your ass)
    • No minion that keeps the mobs at bay

Now whish us luck in our adventures in Azeroth.