Last week i could finally get the keys to our new flat. Yipeeee!!

After 3 Years living with my girlfriend, her brother and his girlfriend, they finally moved out. And as the Landlord was pretty much an a%&ç!?#ole, we decided to move out as well.

You know, the carpets were desperately in need of replacement. The light in the kitchen above the stove was never fixed, one of the roof-windows didn’t close properly. All those little things get on your nerves over time.

After a long search for an appropriate Flat, we finally found one not far from where we live now. 3 Rooms, kitchen and bathroom were renovated 2 years ago, balcony to the south and no big buildings in front of u. OK, its on the 4th floor and we don’t have an elevator. But hey, thats fitness :-).

During the last week we kept moving one or two carloads of boxes to the new flat. On saturday was the big day. everything was moved out. We had some Friends coming over to help. At this point i’d like to say: thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without you!.

Now that we’re finally in the new flat, its not over… There are crates everywhere which want to be unpacked. Also there is a lot of furniture which needs to be put in place. But don’t forget, we’re both working and can do this only in the evenings. It feels like being a Gipsy at the moment.